My second WCBA experience


One day in June on my way back home, I saw an old lady around her 70s walking with some difficulties with her tricycle filled with cardboards and used cans. I guessed she must be on her way to the recycling station. I sped up and tried to help her push the tricycle without her noticing. It was only until we reached the recycling station that she saw me, and she repeatedly thanked me for the help. I accompanied her until the very end, and helped her to park the tricycle. During this time, she didn’t stop to thank me.  

After turning around ready to leave, maybe because I felt pity for this old lady, or maybe because it was a stressful period for me, tears fell from my eyes. Holding the basketball in my hand, I reflected back the memories from the past. I thought about the friends who used to play basketball with me. I wonder where are they now? How are they doing? Do they still have someone to laugh and sweat together with them?  

After that I searched online looking for a place to play, and I found Adriana, and I found MELODY. I still remembered the first time I came to play. The feeling of being unsure. And I also remember the first time I went to MELODY Queenbee for the team audition. The feeling of joy. I also remembered the three months I spent with the team from being someone new to becoming familiar with every one in the team. I was touched by the moments we had at the tournament when we had to fight together as a team.  

Although now I had to stop playing due to a physical condition, I am proud of the fact that I am a basketball enthusiast. Compared to individual sports, basketball is a team sport that test a team’s ability, a person’s mental strength, and other general skills. Basketball has taught me to learn to support my friends, and I learnt to respect others because of basketball. And this made me thought, if it was my team mate who saw that old lady with the tricycle, I am sure she will give her a hand just like I did. Because basketball people like us understand the power of “support”.  

This time with the organization by Adriana, I had the chance to experience a WCBA game atmosphere, it was really an honour. Last week I saw a game between Shanghai and Xinjiang, and today I watched the Shanghai team’s second home game, playing against Bayi. Playing against such a strong team (with many national players), Shanghai was not afraid at all. Shanghai was leading at the very beginning of the game. Comparing to the previous home game, the speed of both teams at this game was much faster. Jelena from the Shanghai team also played very well, she kept scoring, and was playing better than the last home game. 

Being able to watch national players who I saw on TV at the world cup and Asian games play live, and WNBA star players play in front of my eyes was an eye opening experience for me. You can find a guard player who is just 163cm and another post player who is 207cm on the same court. I guess this is the beauty of basketball, regardless of the physical condition of your body, as long as the team unites, magic can happen. 

Looking back, I am thankful for that difficult period in June. If it wasn’t that, I would not have experienced the amazing things that happened these past months. There is nothing that basketball can’t solve, if it can’t, come to Adriana to meet other female ballers who love this game who will support you! 


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